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Top Five Favorite HillnMarkes.com Features

Posted on Wednesday Jun 28, 2017 at 11:58AM in General

Top Five Favorite Features

     Everyone is going to say that they have the best website. But what do they have on their website that proves it? These days anyone can create a website, but not all websites are created equal. The new and improved   HillnMarkes.com has incorporated features from top websites such as Amazon, Home Depot, and many others- as well as creating new features that will specifically help Hill and Markes customers. Although there are tons of great features on the Hill & Markes website, we have gone ahead and chosen the Top Five that everyone who shops with us should know about!

Number One

Number One: My Shopping List

     The first element that stands out and earns its place as Number One is “My Shopping List”. This feature allows you to go into your “My Items List” and create a small list of frequently ordered products. This eliminates the need to constantly scroll through (potentially) hundreds of products when all you want is the 5-10 you always order. This is like having your shopping list ready every time you walk in the store – only online! It’s great for organizing your purchasing, like if you want to separate your lists into front of the house and back of the house, or keep your maintenance supplies apart from your office supplies.  

Number Two: My Saved Cart

     The “My Saved Cart” function appears very similar to the “My Shopping List” function, however the main difference between the two is that the “MY Saved Cart” feature will save the quantity as well as the product. This is great if you find yourself placing the exact same order on a Weekly/Monthly/or Annual basis because you can just re-order again and again. So instead of just a shopping list – you actually have a cart with all your items waiting for you when you walk in our virtual store! As an added bonus, if you find quantities needing to be adjusted, you can go back and see how much you previously ordered and adjust accordingly. So as your needs change your cart can change with a simple edit and save.

Number Two

Number Three: Detailed Product Descriptions

     All of the products on the HillnMarkes.com have detailed product descriptions as well as documents, and sometimes videos! For all of the chemicals you can find SDS sheets that are easily accessed without having to log in (in case of an emergency), and you can find our product experts demoing a large number of our equipment items! On top of all the documentation, you will find professionally enriched information with everything you could think of that you would need to know about our products. We pride ourselves on having the same level of rich product detail as companies like Staples.com and CVS.com provide.

Number Three

Number Four

Number Four Product Comparison

     Comparing multiple products online has never been easier. On the Hill & Markes website you have the ability to compare up to 5 items side by side. One feature that stands out is the ability to highlight the similarities, as well as the differences between the products. Helping you make the final decision on which product you should purchase and saving you time switching back and forth between products trying to tell the difference.

Number Five: Flexible Search

HillnMarkes.com gives you the ability to search for products in four unique ways, so you can better find the product you are looking for- using the search technique that fits you best. You have the ability to search by category, by product, by brand, or by keyword and item number. On top of these high-level search capabilities, in your “My Items List,” “My Saved Cart,” and “My Shopping List” you can search within your customized shopping features to help you get to the right product quickly and without having to try and remember which Toilet Paper you bought last time.

Number Five

   These features are what makes HillnMarkes.com stand out, and make buying online easier. But in order to access all of these features you must first be registered! Not registered? Register Here – or watch our video to walk you through how. Want to learn more about our favorite features? Watch our Hill & Markes How –To’s video series – or join us for our weekly webinar!

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Nick Brewer - Hill & Markes Intern

About the Author

Nick Brewer is a current student at SUNY-Plattsburgh studying Marketing, Business, and Political Science. Besides interning for Hill & Markes in their eCommerce Department, he enjoys skiing and golfing, as well as spending time with friends whenever he can. He will be joining the professional world full-time starting in May 2018!

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