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Safety for Your Staff

Posted on Wednesday Aug 22, 2018 at 12:33PM in General

Safety for your Staff

This is not a DRILL. Are you providing a safe environment for your employees? Workplace safety is paramount to the well-being of your organization and, most importantly, your staff. Communicate and display safety instructions throughout your facility. Discussion about safety standards should come from every employee on the floor, in the factory, and up to management. This will help your employees identify unsafe work conditions and react appropriately during daily routines. These are the critical steps that need to be taken to establish a safe work setting. Let us guide you through workplace safety practices.

Understand Your Industry

Safety hazards can vary depending on the industry that you are in. An industrial facility is obviously faced with more pressing threats compared to an office building. However, healthcare facilities require particular safety education to prevent bacteria and infections from spreading. Factories with large machinery require special consideration and distribution centers with equipment need specific training and instruction. Consider all of the possible risks and come up with a strategy to avoid potentially dangerous areas and situations. Prepare your staff on how to make well-informed decisionsduring daily routines. Educate your employees with safety seminars that focus on best-practice procedures and general health and wellness training throughout the year.

Site Analysis

Conduct a site survey to determine conceivable safety dangers. Hill & Markes builds safety programs by leveraging our internal industrial specialist, partnering with industry experts, and incorporating safety manufacturers to tailor programs to the customer’s unique needs. Our industrial specialist, Jim Paige Jr. says, “The first phase of tailoring a custom safety program for a customer is performing a site survey. The site survey allows our team to do a walk-through of a customer’s operation along with certified representatives with OSHA knowledge, allowing us to ask questions and identify some areas that customers would like to have some help with in regards to their safety programs.”

Protective Gear & Product

An important part of safety conditions in the workplace includes protective gear.A construction site will need hard hats, high-vis vests, apparel, safety glasses, gloves, etc.On top of this equipment, you may need to invest in safety tape and markers for warehouse, especially if you have large moving machinery and equipment. Healthcare facilities demand proper gloves, sanitary equipment, and clothing to keep the hospital as uncontaminated as possible.

Goals, Opportunity, & Partnership

While the steps mentioned above are critical, it is important to focus on the bigger picture. What are your overall goals? Do you have plans in place if/when your operation makes changes? Paige believes, “Hill & Markes will first focus on a comprehensive overview of what the customer’s goals are, what are some areas of opportunity we see for the customer to have a more valuable program, and how we can incorporate our dedicated manufacturers to not only implement a safety program, but maintain it as customer’s operations change over the years.”

That’s the key. Work with experts who don’t just sell you product but provide you with an entire framework and program that is adaptable to change. Understanding your pain points and partnering with the best manufacturers - with OSHA expertise - will ensure that you are meeting safety regulations. Your operation will not be successful if you don’t practice proper safety protocol. Ring the alarms because safety for your employees starts NOW.

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Katie Bruno - Hill & Markes Marketing Assistant and Social Media Specialist

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