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Product Spotlight: Georgia Pacific Bundle Program

Posted on Tuesday Oct 15, 2019 at 10:49AM in Spotlights

Georgia Pacific Bundle Program

Our Georgia Pacific bundle program provides you and your establishment with one cohesive look, quality product, and dedicated support.

This bundle program is designed to enhance your restroom with a variety of matching product, giving your customers the ultimate bathroom experience. The bundle includes; soap dispenser, air freshener, paper towel dispenser, toilet paper dispenser and more! This cohesive look gives you the professional restroom that your customer desires.

You wouldn't wear mismatched socks and clothes every day to work, now would you? (We hope not.) So why would you get mismatched product?! 80% of customers and employers agree that having a coordinated set of dispensers upgrades the look of their restroom. Your restroom reflects the overall cleanliness of your establishment and determines if customers will keep coming back for more! It's time to upgrade your restroom with our Georgia Pacific bundle program!

Georgia Pacific Bundle


One Cohesive Look

One Manufacturer Representative

One Customer Service Contract

One Installation Process

One Key for All Dispensers

Georgia Pacific Flyer

You can purchase the products by clicking the pictures below!

The Item numbers below are special order**:

Black In-Stall Stand Alone Air 56768

Black In-Stall Compact Air 56761

Black enMotion Skin Care 52057

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