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Product Spotlight: Dart SOLO Foam Alternatives

Posted on Wednesday Feb 06, 2019 at 02:16PM in Spotlights

Dart Solo Cup and To Go Containers

Foam bans are sweeping the nation. Thankfully, Dart Solo has the green alternatives you need.

Just recently, Albany County Legislature expanded their polystyrene ban to be effective by March 2019. Establishments that use the commonly known Styrofoam products for takeout and coffee will have to switch to more eco-friendly options.

Hill & Markes spotlights three premier products from Dart Solo that are ideal foam alternatives! Make the world a cleaner place with these Dart Solo items. (Oh, and avoid fines- especially if you live in Albany County area!)

Hill & Markes and Dart Solo are here to make sure you can provide your customers with their much-needed coffee and take out orders without a worry.

foam ban

Dart Solo Hot Cup

SOLO 12 oz Stock Printed Single Sided Poly Paper Hot Cup

Item #:SLO412WN-2050

Dart Square Plate

SOLO 8" Ivory Square Food Serving Plate

Item #:SLO8PSC-2050

Dart Hinged Container

Bare by SOLO Eco-Forward 9x6 Bagasse Hinged Lid Containers

Item #: SLOHC206SC-2050

This cup is perfect for serving beverages like hot coffee, tea, and cocoa.

-Made with 90% plant based renewable resources

-Matte finish offers superior printability for cup graphics

-Easy to warm up and delivery everything you could want in a hot cup!

This eco-forward square plate can be used for both HOT & COLD foods.

-Made from 97% plant-based renewable resources

-Deep –well geometry for fewer spills

-Soak-through resistant

-Durable hinge and locking tab on takeout containers for a secure, one finger closure

This bare by SOLO hinge container is eco-friendly at it's finest.

-Made with at least 99% plant-based renewable resources

-Eco-forward with upscale quality.

-Soak through resistance that will stand up to heavy and saucy foods.

-The lock tab design ensures easy closure in one motion for operator ease.

Dart Foam Ban Flyer

Download Dart Solo's foam ban flyer for Albany County today!

Do yourself a favor and watch our spotlight video on these awesome foam alternatives!

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