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New Product Spotlight: The WrapMaster

Posted on Monday Jan 21, 2019 at 11:24AM in Spotlights

Pictures of The WrapMaster

The WrapMaster is a film and foil dispensing system that is sure to be a GAME CHANGER for the food industry.

Why? Let us explain.

-Appearance of the box: The WrapMaster looks clean compared to other foil dispensers that get damaged and even greasy over time.

-No Exposed Sharp Cutting Edge: Eliminates the chances of cuts or nicks during use.

-Less Waste: Using the WrapMaster will save you 20%-30% of film and foil! The system allows for an even pull that won't bunch up and alleviates tearing.

-Non-Slip: The slip-resistant feet prevent the unit from pulling as film runs low. An added bonus: the film is always ready to dispense and doesn't roll back into the box.

-Dishwasher Safe: This increases sanitation as it covers the film and foil and eliminates broken and dirty cardboard dispensing boxes (which brings us back to the appearance of the box).

It's the only way to keep food fresh!

Purchase the WrapMaster today!

Download our WrapMaster Flyer today!

WrapMaster Flyer

Save 20-30% of film and foil using the WrapMaster!

Photo of the WrapMaster

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