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New Product Spotlight: Amhil Sip-Thru Lid

Posted on Monday Nov 26, 2018 at 10:08AM in Spotlights

Sip Thru Lid

In a time where plastic straws are public enemy #1, the Amhil Slip-Thru Lid is the perfect alternative. The Amhil Sip-Thru Lid is a unique new design that provides you and your customers with options for most cold drinks! With a tight seal, crystal clear PET, and an innovative drink spout- your customers will enjoy their beverage to the last drop!

Customers will be delighted using the Sip-Thru lid at coffee shops, stadiums, juice bars and more!

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE AMHIL SIP-THRU LID and show the planet some love!

Picture of Orange Soda

Picture of Lid

Picture of Coffee

Features & Benefits


Kal-Clear PET Cups



Nexclear Polypropylene





-One size fits most 9oz- 24oz cups

-Made in North America

-Alternative to Plastic Straws

-Recyclable PET

Text Conversation

Don't worry! We have a video you can share after conversations like the one on the left. See the Sip-Thru lid in action below.

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