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Make Your Coffee Shop Sustainable with Dart Products

Posted on Thursday Feb 28, 2019 at 03:47PM in General

Dart Coffee Cup

Make Your Coffee Shop Sustainable with Dart Products

Coffee makes the world go round. This may be a bold statement, but you could argue that it is the foundation of the workforce. Some people say hard work, opportunity, and luck play equal parts in success. My theory? Coffee. What do people look forward to in the morning if they don't drink coffee? How can you function without a warm cup of joe on a cold day or an iced coffee during those warm summer months? Heck, some people are drinking iced coffee all year round!

Coffee always tastes better when it’s from a coffee shop. And coffee shops are not going away any time soon. In fact, they are booming in popularity, especially for millennials. Millennials consume 44% of coffee in the United States and studies show that millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods and products. Is your coffee shop sustainable enough to attract the eco-friendly consumer?

Here’s where we come in.

Eco-Friendly Products

Consumers are bringing their business to companies that share the same values. We know that millennials are contributing to a large portion of the coffee business. We also know that they believe in buying from shops that prioritize environmental responsibility. Coffee shops have to go green in order to cash in on consumer buying habits. Start by investing in sustainable products. Here are three products from Dart that are perfect for your operation.

Dart 12 oz Stock Printed Single Sided Poly Paper Hot Cup

This cup is ideal for serving beverages like hot coffee, tea, and cocoa. It’s made with 90% plant based renewable resources, has a matte finish that offers superior printability for cup graphics, and is easy to warm up.

Display your trademark signature on this cup and increase brand awareness of your shop! 69% of millennials take photos or videos of food before they eat or drink, so plaster your name on consumables -- like a coffee sleeve, cup, or napkin to elevate brand recognition!

This product delivers everything you could want in a hot cup!

Bare by Dart Eco-Forward 9x6 Bagasse Hinged Lid Containers

This bare by SOLO hinged container is made with at least 99% plant-based renewable resources, is eco-forward with an upscale quality, offers soak-through resistance that will stand up to heavy and saucy foods, and has a lock tab design that ensures easy closure in one motion for operator ease.

Takeout is on the rise. Sometimes you just need to grab your coffee, sandwich, and go! The best coffee shops always offer some delicious food items. Increase your to-go business by offering different sandwiches, pastries, or salads. Give your customer the option of grabbing a bite on the way out with this container!

Dart 8" Ivory Square Food Serving Plate

The weekends provide a nice respite from the stress of the workweek. These are the days when patrons will spend a little more time in your shop, opting to dine in instead of eat out. Some customers also have flexible work schedules and may use your shop as a work space. This plate allows for those who dine in during the week and weekends to enjoy some food with their coffee! It is a great option for patrons that want to hang out a little and unwind.

The Dart square plate is eco-forward and can be used for both hot and cold foods. It is made from 97% plant-based renewable resources, has a deep-well geometry for fewer spills, and is soak-through resistant. It is the model size plate for a pastry item, bagel, or breakfast sandwich!

Sustainable Solutions with Dart

Remember, customers—especially millennials – care about the planet. Presenting sustainable solutions to your customer base helps meet their needs! Serve your coffee and food items in eco-friendly product and make a positive impact by leaving a small footprint. It is our priority to collaborate with the most sustainable-focused manufacturers in the industry – like Dart -- and provide the highest quality products. Visit hillnmarkes.com today to learn more!

Katie Bruno - Hill & Markes Marketing Assistant and Social Media Specialist

Katie Bruno is originally from Peru, but recently moved to Amsterdam, NY after graduating college with a Communication degree from UAlbany. Oh, not that Peru, a small town in upstate NY. Fueled by coffee, she passionately blogs about all things wholesale and uses her addiction to social media for the greater good of the company.

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