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Labels Increase Efficiency in Packaging & Shipping Operations

Posted on Monday Jan 07, 2019 at 03:11PM in General

Hill & Markes Labels

Labels Increase Efficiency in Packaging & Shipping Operations

Labeling systems are a key part of maintaining a smooth packaging and shipping operation. They indicate important messaging; directions on how to handle fragile boxes, or awareness of shipments that contain potentially hazardous materials. Providing clear instruction for your employees and customers keeps everyone safe and informed. Incoming and outgoing shipments with a proper labeling policy allows everyone to be on the same page, resulting in successful and organized inventory management.

Every businesses’ label needs are different, but creating a labeling system will make sure it's operating at its highest efficiency.

Use Labels to Organize

As mentioned above, adhesive labels provide clear instructions for your employees and for your customers. Without a labeling system, there would be complete chaos with incoming shipments. The necessary flow of product would come to a halt. Businesses need a well-organized technique to identify their constant incoming merchandise. Pre-printed, blank, or color-coded labels can help the warehouse identify how much, when, and where product is going into the stock rotation. Categorized and bright fluorescent color-coded labels will make sure the flow of incoming product is useful and straightforward. Slow-moving goods or items that are out of place will be immediately recognizable.

Color-coded labels are not always necessary. Depending on how you operate your business, you can have labels that acknowledge the day, month, or quarter that you receive product. Blank labels allow for receiving clerks to write in whether packaging has been “reviewed” or “checked” so that product can begin to go into stock.

Inventory audits and management of stock rotation is the result of a proper labeling system. This will ensure a well-run business.

Labels Provide Specific Messaging

Labeling systems are essential for both incoming and outgoing shipments. Customers have specific needs and requirements for each delivery. It is a way of communicating, sometimes silently. If you see a box labeled glass-contents or fragile- you know that you need to handle the product with care. Safety is a top priority when delivering product to the consumer. Cleaning chemicals and other hazardous materials need obvious labels to avoid potential accidents.

In the wholesale and B2B industry, there may be more than one ship-to for a customer. Several locations at colleges, universities, and hospitals require unique delivery instructions. You might have to deliver to a closet in a dorm hall, the kitchen at the cafeteria, the cleaning equipment at the gym... etc. Labels with shipping instructions like, “deliver to 2nd floor,” communicate to the delivery driver or receiving clerk exactly where the product needs to go. No confusion.

Labeling will result in an easy-to-manage packaging and shipping operation. It will provide safety for your staff, regular audits of inventory, and management of stock rotation that ensures best-in-class service for your customers.

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