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5 Ways to Practice Sustainability at Your Facility

Posted on Friday Jul 05, 2019 at 12:30PM in General

The cleanliness of our environment is important, which is why practicing sustainability in your business is becoming increasingly necessary. Not only are consumers willing to pay more money for eco-friendly or sustainable products, but studies show that businesses implementing green practices enjoy levels of productivity that are 16% higher than non-green office buildings. Going green is not only good for business, but also good for productivity.

Here’s 5 ways to make your facility sustainable.

Reusable Water Bottles and Paper Straws are the new IT Product

Now is the time to make the investment in recyclable and reusable drinkware. Hill & Markes has added the innovative Pathwater to our inventory. Pathwater is a reverse osmosis filtered water that is packaged in a naturally beautiful and affordable vessel that is truly kind to the earth. It is aluminum, sleek, lightweight and infinitely recyclable. You can save thousands of plastic bottles from being used every time you refill and reuse your Pathwater!

Another way to go green is to use paper straws. Yes, paper straws. We’re sure you’re aware that straws are a hot topic right now, unless you've been living under a rock! In fact, the number of plastic straws used daily in the United States is 500 million. Whoa. That’s 3.5 billion a week. Not only it is extremely bad for the environment, it is even worst for marine life. Fortunately, we have the green alternatives you need to keep our environment flourishing, and decrease your environmental footprint. Among our arsenal of highly recyclable products, we are now able to propose to you paper straws and sippy cup lids. Just think about the positive impact that little shift from plastic to paper at your facility will have on the environment. Remember, employees and customers prefer to align with businesses that meet their core values; and practicing sustainability is one of them!

Grab n' Go is on the rise!

Let face it, we all love eating out here and there. There’s a thrill to stopping at your favorite guilty-pleasure fast-food joint and grabbing a quick lunch or dinner if you’re busy or having a craving. Who wouldn’t right? The mouth-watering cuisine is delivered to you in minutes and it’s affordable. Although the previously mentioned reasons are really cool and convenient, not every restaurant is using recyclable takeout products. With the rise of take-out food, those non-recyclable boxes and containers are inevitably harming the environment by increasing the quantity of trash supplied. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. In this case, the solution would be to invest in user and environment-friendly packaging. Here at Hill & Markes, we have a large variety of recyclable boxes and containers for the pleasure and enjoyment of your consumers and the environment. Let’s work together to give mother nature the TLC she so deserves.

Don't throw it away - recycle!

There are plenty of good reasons to add the culture of recycling at your facility. Number one would be what we mentioned above - studies show that businesses implementing sustainable products enjoy levels of productivity that are 16% higher than non-green office buildings. Higher productivity from your employees is always a top priority in operating a successful business.

Sustainability is deeply important to our culture at Hill & Markes. Our facility is LEED Certified, and we make sure our office has recycling touch points in convenient places. What’s stopping you from doing the same? At Hill & Markes, we sell plenty of trash containers and recycling bins to recycle paper, cups, disposable food packaging... etc. We recommend placing them in places at your facility that have a high amount of traffic for disposables. For example, if you’re a restaurant or coffee shop, have a recyclable option by the garbage or stirrers and sugar area. If you’re an office facility, place a recycling container by the printer area, at each desk, and in the cafeteria.

Green Cleaning is the way to go!

Introduce safer and more sustainable cleaning products at your facility. Hill & Markes collaborates with companies like Ecologic to offer you chemical- free cleaning. We supply dozens of Green Seal Certified, FSC, DFE paper and chemical products so that you can be confident these sustainable products won’t hurt our environment when they go down the drain. These more natural products are better for the environment, and the products are healthier for guests and employees.

Get your staff involved!

Make an announcement and create small contest around sustainability in a format of fun game with rewards! This will help to increase your staff creativity and have fun at the same time. One thing Hill & Markes did was give our staff a personal plant on earth day! Our staff had so much fun bringing these plants to life and watching them grow. Another great idea would be to have a reusable mug day! You could put the coffee on free vend to encourage employees to use reusable mugs!

Having monthly goals will motivate you and your staff to make sure you are making environmentally-friendly choices, supporting green companies, and implementing a culture that cares about the environment. Keep it fun and optional so people can participate if they are interested and passionate in the cause.

Carry On, Green Warriors!

In conclusion, practicing sustainability in your facility will have a positive impact on your brand, productivity in the work place, and the environment!

Would you like to learn more about sustainability or other topics of that nature? Visit us at Hill& Markes.com

Daren Koba - Hill & Markes Marketing Assistant and Social Media Specialist

Daren Koba is a Marketing/eCommerce intern at Hill & Markes, an international business student of the State University of New-York (SUNY) Network. Being originally from Gabon in central Africa, Daren had to fight and kill lions and pythons with his bare hands in order to become a man. Now, he is passionate about Internet/Online Marketing, and intend on becoming one of the greatest online marketers of his generation. Oh yes... you know the lions killing part is a lie right? For more information about Daren and his work, keep on reading our articles.

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