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Top Five Favorite HillnMarkes.com Features

Posted on Wednesday Jun 28, 2017 at 11:58AM in Training

Everyone is going to say that they have the best website. But what do they have on their website that proves it? These days anyone can create a website, but not all websites are created equal. The new and improved HillnMarkes.com has incorporated features from top websites such as Amazon, Home Depot, and many others- as well as creating new features that will specifically help Hill and Markes customers. Although there are tons of great features on the Hill & Markes website, we have gone ahead and chosen the Top Five that everyone who shops with us should know about!

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How To Register Online

Posted on Wednesday Jun 21, 2017 at 02:58PM in Training

Have you ever wanted to save time ordering? Do you find it difficult to make time during your busy schedule to meet with a Sales Representative or call Customer Service? Maybe you would just prefer to order on your own? Well,now with the new and improved HillnMarkes.com you can place your order from any computer, smartphone, or tablet on your own time- but you have to register first! If you are an existing customer, registering is quick and easy. Once registered, you will have instant access to the thousands of products Hill & Markes has to offer.

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