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H&M 4.0

Posted on Friday Sep 09, 2016 at 12:00AM in General

Hill & Markes is a story of constant reinvention.  And that constant state of change has been the secret sauce at Hill & Markes for the past 110 years.   A distributor you might ask as innovator and change agent?  Why? The answer is clear – we are and always have been customer-centric – and we are in a constant state of discovery for avenues to better please our customers.   Hill & Markes has transformed itself from ice cream producer and distributor using horse and buggy, to candy and tobacco peddler out of a station wagon, to current day distributor of cleaning supplies and foodservice products employing 30 delivering tractor trailers.    How does a small town distributor in Amsterdam NY make so many major strategic changes in direction and continue to stay in the leading edge?

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