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Our Daycare Program

As part of our mission to continually bring the newest innovations and products to our customers to help them save time, money, and improve health and well being in their facilities - we have been partnering with Daycare Facilities to help tackle the unique challenges they face.

Daycare Facilities require specific needs based on size, location, and State Regulations. Hill & Markes, Inc. is proud to assist each Childcare Center through the best vendor partnerships, an exhaustive product line, and our expertise.

We are focused on providing a safe and healthy environment for your employees and the precious children you care for.

Learn about our Cold & Flu prevention Strategy.

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With easy to print cards, broken up by each major area of your facility - this checklist gives expert advise with ease-of-use you would expect from Hill & Markes, Inc!


Keeping Daycares Healthy: The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Daycare facilities require specific needs based on size, location, and regulation requirements by the State of New York. Despite these differences, each facility has a core mission in mind- providing a safe and healthy environment for their employees and children. Daycares become a second home to children with the expectation they are being taught, supervised and cared for in a clean environment. The inherent trust parents demonstrate when they drop their children off each day demands that safety and health remain a top priority for each center.

Children are more susceptible to bacteria and fungi which poses a greater risk of exposure to germs than adults. Daycare centers are full of active children in the developmental phase. Behaviorally, they face an increase in exposure to germs while they are learning and discovering, oftentimes by putting toys in their mouths and touching a variety of objects throughout the day. To put it simply- running a daycare can be MESSY!

To ensure a clean environment, daycare centers need to know the proper cleaning methods. Internal staff needs to be well versed in knowing the difference between sanitizing, disinfecting, and all-purpose cleaning through proper training. Give your employees the tools to read and understand product labels and emphasize awareness of proper dwell times based on the manufacturer?s recommendation. It is recommended to use EPA registered products.

While all three of these cleaning methods focus on removing contaminants, they differ in effectiveness and require a separate approach to different locations at a daycare center.


Cleaning... our old friend. Cleaning is the first step you take when beginning the cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing process. First you clean, to remove dirt and other materials to lower the risk of spreading infection. This is particularly true if you are dealing with a heavily soiled area or surface. Cleaning must be performed before applying a disinfectant or else the soil will act as a barrier. After using a cleaning solution, rinse the area with water. Clean up messes immediately and vacuum daily.

If you have plastic durable toys- you can put them in the dishwasher. The high water pressure and temperatures will thoroughly clean your toys.


Sanitizing is 99.9% effective. Sanitizing focuses on removing bacteria and can be applied multiple surfaces. Be sure to sanitize routinely before and after use in the food service area and other hard surfaces. Sanitize dishes, chairs, tables, and toys! While sanitizing is an effective method, it does not remove bacteria or fungi completely compared to disinfectants. Hill & Markes has an array of sanitizers that will be perfect for your center. Click here.


Disinfectant is 99.9999% effective. Disinfectants always kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is important to disinfect areas after each use, or on a daily basis to decrease infection. High touch areas should be disinfected daily and toys should be disinfected and rinsed with hot water to dilute any leftover chemical residue. Places you should disinfect at a daycare are:

  • »Diapering areas
  • »Bathrooms
  • »Places where bodily fluids are common
  • »Doors and Cabinet Handles

Cleaning a daycare can be tricky. Knowing the difference between these three cleaning methods will make the cleaning process much easier and more effective. Check out our cleaning check list here and use it as guide for your facility. Make sure to properly read labels and follow instructions when disinfecting and sanitizing! These cleaning techniques will transform your facility from messy to magical!

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