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H&M Custom Print Options

As part of our mission to continually brings the newest innovations and products to our customers to help them save time, money, and improve health and well being in their facilities - w e have been partnering with some of the best providers of custom print merchandise to highlight your brand on all the best products.

Hill & Markes Inc is proud to offer an extensive line of customizable consumables with some of the best vendor partnerships to offer you the best options in the industry. 

Highlights Include:

     Low Minimums

     Multi-Colored Prints

     Multi-Sided Printing

     Virtual Proofing

     Unique products 

And the best part is, when you invest in your own consumables and brand, people will do the advertising for you! 

Check out our #inthewild products below! 

Learn about our Cold & Flu prevention strategy.

Interested? Contact us to find out more! 

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Hill & Markes  Custom Print Customers #inthewild

"[Hill and Markes] helped us when we opened our first store in 1992 so we have been working together for a very long time. The price has always been consistent, you don't have to worry about a constant price hike like with other vendors."

Dan Murphy, Uncommon Grounds  

"We couldn't have imagined a smoother, simpler and better partnership, than the one we have created together. Our brand is shining bright like a black diamond because of the hard work and dedication you put in for us."

Kat Costic, Cafe Kubal


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    • Amsterdam, New York 12010 USA
    • Phone: (800)836-4455
    • Fax: (888)  842-1207

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