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Cost Saving Consulting

What cost savings can Hill & Markes offer that no other upstate NY companies provide?

We make it our mission to show customers how to reduce their consumption of paper towels, we show customers how to use chemical dispensing systems that reduce use of chemicals, we introduce cleaning equipment that reduces labor costs. Hill & Markes knows that if we can reduce your budget issues, if we can reduce your product usage, we will have a loyal and successful customer that can continue to thrive in this super challenging economy.

Sustainability Program

What makes Hill & Markes sustainability program so special?

First of all, Hill & Markes walks the walk. We have invested in our own state of the art LEED Certified facility. We care deeply about the future of our planet.

Secondly, we have always made it a priority to have the most sustainable products in the industry and partner with the most sustainable-focused manufacturers in the industry. We supply dozens of green seal certified, FSC, DFE paper and chemical products. Our partnership with Cascades Tissue Group is proof of our commitment to sustainability. Cascades provides locally produced and delivered products (reducing fuel usage) and has invested in manufacturing facilities that utilize solar and wind power.

Third, we partner with companies like Tennant and Ecologic to offer you chemical-free cleaning. Now we can offer you sustainable products you can be confident won?t hurt our environment when they go down the drain.

Finally, we have made a major investment in a vast inventory of compostable foodservice disposables that helps reduce the landfill burden.

Technology and Innovation

What technology and innovation could a janitorial distributor possibly offer the marketplace?

Hill & Markes has made a very concerted effort to become the exclusive dealer of Tennant ECH2O and Orbio. ECH2O is floor care equipment that generates cleaning solution onboard, without having to pay for delivery of chemicals, without having to pay for additional packaging for delivery of chemicals.

What separates Hill & Markes from the competition? What technology and innovation could a janitorial distributor possibly offer the marketplace?

We are not afraid of new technology. We are not comfortable with the status quo. We are eager to bring new technology to our customers so we can help them improve their efficiencies, so we can reduce their labor costs, and so we can reduce product costs.


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