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Morcon Valay Nap

Valay Nap is a durable, one-at-a-time napkin that delivers quality and convenience, especially during those hot summer months at the ice cream shop.

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means... ice cream season! Whether you serve ice cream in a cone or a dish- a napkin is a necessity. Featuring smooth, one-at-a-time dispensing and quick loading, Valay Nap Tabletop dispensers look great and help reduce consumption and waste by 25% by encouraging consumers to use fewer napkins!

Make a big impact, with a small footprint.

Say farewell to sticky fingers because Morcon's Valay Nap is coming to the rescue.

Purchase the Valay Nap & Dispenser HERE!

kids eating ice cream


-One-at-a-time dispensing

-Reduces waste and controls cost

-2-ply and 1-ply options

-Delivers superior quality

-Convenient and easy to use

-Adjustable insert card for advertising opportunities

-Sleek Appearance on any surface

-Napkins are clean and protected

-Minimizes cross-contamination

....need we say more?

Download our Morcon Valay Promotion for Ice cream Season! Promo is good from February 15th - April 30th, 2019!

Watch our product spotlight video to see the Valay Napkin clean up a mess!


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