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2018 is here and that means it?s time for New Year?s resolutions. Personally, I hope to cut back on the cookies (unlikely) and to work out in the morning (impossible). But what does 2018 mean for the food service industry? It means investing in your brand, emphasis on food presentation and utilizing meal service delivery! This may seem intimidating, but don?t worry- Hill & Markes can make it easy.

Number One: Invest in your Brand

If you haven?t already invested in your brand then 2018 is your year. What is your brand? Branding is your mission- it is what sets you apart from your competition. Once you?ve nailed down your brand, it?s time to add some visuals. Revamp your logo or use the existing one, but plaster it everywhere! Customizing your consumables makes a huge difference! Start by placing your logo on your to-go packaging, beverage napkins, table settings and cups. This extra touch shows your customers that you care about their experience and want to make it memorable. Incorporating the trademark elements that make your restaurant unique will leave a lasting impression.

Hill & Markes has a comprehensive custom print program to assist with your unique needs. Click here to check it out.

Number Two: Food Presentation

Is your food presentation camera ready? Food presentation is key for 2018. We are living in the digital age and that means digital promotion. The best thing about this is your customers will promote for you! Did someone say free advertising? Studies show that 29 Million Americans have posted pictures of their food or drink at a restaurant. This trend goes hand in hand with branding. Those customized consumables will likely appear on social media platforms, which means its good business practice to have your name at the forefront of your products. Make sure your food and overall décor looks and feels (and tastes) good. This will allow for the perfect photo-op. Social media is about sharing experiences. So give them something to share.

Increase the desire to share by presenting your food as ?instagram-worthy.? Start by incorporating more color in the dishes you serve. Depending on the dish, use an accent color and get creative with the garnishes. Invest in table settings and table decor that comes across as photogenic. If you?re in the coffee shop business, add a signature design in the latte foam. If you?re in the ice cream business, make a crazy shake with a surplus of sprinkles, color, and pizazz! People, especially millennials, love to share their every move. Use these techniques and reap the rewards of free promo.

Number Three: "Let's get take-out"

The phrase heard on every couch. Meal delivery is taking over. Customers are eating up (literally) the chance to have their comfort food delivered right to their doorstep. Companies like GrubHub make it increasingly easy for restaurants to cash in on delivery surges. Sometimes you just want to eat French fries in your pajamas, am I right? Meal service delivery is rising which means functional to-go packaging is a necessity. Provide your customers with secure packaging that prevents leaks and spills. Our food service expert, Erny Davis, recommends the Anchor Culinary Classic line. It is hinged with a perforation for separating and is microwavable and vented. To make it even better, it is made of polypropylene which means it?s recyclable! Hill & Markes also offers the Genpak Harvest Fiber line which is a great compostable option. Practicing sustainability is a great New Year?s resolution for any business. 

There you have it. Tap into that New Year energy and tackle 2018. Hill & Markes is here to help.

Katie Bruno - Hill & Markes Marketing Assistant and Social Media Specialist

Katie Bruno is originally from Peru, but recently moved to Amsterdam, NY after graduating college with a Communication degree from UAlbany. Oh, not that Peru, a small town in upstate NY. Fueled by coffee, she passionately blogs about all things wholesale and uses her addiction to social media for the greater good of the company. When she's not keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends- you can find her coordinating meetings, events, and trade shows. 


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